Thursday, December 24, 2009

Can I hook up a full sized washer and dryer to a RV?

Why would you want to? Where would you put them? The only way you`d possibly be able to run them would be when hooked up to ';land lines';, and that would be after some extensive plumbing, electrical and interior modifications. Save youself some headaches and just go to the laundrymat when parked.Can I hook up a full sized washer and dryer to a RV?
Even RVs with 220 volt services don't actually have 220 volt appliances in them. It could be done, though. But you're dryer would be of no use when you pull into a spot that only has 110 volts.Can I hook up a full sized washer and dryer to a RV?
no, dryers are 220volts and a RV is 110volts.
No. A dryer is 220volts and a camper is only 110. Even if you could I would not advise for another reason. Your RV is built to be balanced. If you go and add somthing as heavey as a full size washer and dryer then you are going to be heavey on one side and this can cause the rv to lean,pull or drive really different. This can cause more tire ware, problems with your shocks and if it is a pull trailer then it could even cause it to sway form side to side.
This all depends on how many watts the inverter in your RV can handle, and how the circuit breakers are set up.

Get the watt ratings from the proposed washer and dryer. Note that an electric dryer is just not going to be an option.

Look in the RV manual and see what the inverter can handle. Then you'll have a basic idea of whether this will work.
yes if you have a full sized water heater
how big is the rv?.......i have a depends on if you are going to have some one pick up your grey water (soapy and sewage).....then you have to have a power outlet to plug a washer and dryer in....most campsites don't have will have to go to an actual trailer camp...(trailer park) for that,,,

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